About Control 4


Control your home with a touch of a button.


Add an advanced option to your home security.

A/V Receivers, Amplifiers, Tuners

Control Hubs that eliminate the need for multiple controllers.


Smart lighting control solutions for your family.


Control your energy costs with wireless technology.

Home Automation

Home Automation- making your life easier. Deluxe Alarms is always researching how to make our valued customers lives easier and more manageable. We have great products for simple home automation solutions. The powerful Control 4 system is the ultimate home automation solutions. Control 4 provides you with security, audio, video, climate control, home communication, lighting, shading, and more. Another great home automation product is the durable Home Wave central vacuum system. Our power units are quiet, long lasting, with the great warranty protection. Finally our audio systems from Klipsh and Keff will blow you away with crisp sound. Deluxe Alarms provides only the best quality products in home automation.